OUR ETHOS/ We set out to create the activewear wardrobe that uniquely incorporates the benefits of compression, the body enhancing elements of shapewear, and delivers these with a sophisticated fashion-forward aesthetic. Like the women we design it for, BodyFly has both style and substance.

We embrace the notion that our evermore busy lifestyles have made activewear ubiquitous to all of our wardrobes – but we are taking this to the next level. For us, it’s not about a more casual way of dressing more than a more purposeful way of dressing. We cater to a savvy consumer who, like ourselves, expects her wardrobe to work for her, without compromising elevated style, quality, or comfort. We want activewear that enhances and supports, irregardless of body shape or size, throughout our workout regimen, and throughout the day, every day, while we do what makes us feel good.

We live, by choice, supercharged lives and are inspired by the infinite possibilities in the everyday. We reject limitations. We lean into challenges. With BodyFly, we aspire to design and produce a shape enhancing and essential activewear wardrobe that transitions throughout all aspects of our lives, day to night, innovatively and with uncompromising style.