Meet Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee


BODYFLY founder, Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon. When she established the company in 2016, she was determined to deliver an active apparel line that encompassed the many benefits of performance compression-wear imbued with a modern fashion aesthetic that catered to the type of savvy women who come to her as patients at her New York based practice.
After many requests from her patients for less cumbersome and more attractive post-operative compression wear she discovered that there were few options in the market she could offer them; hence, she set out to create a new product line that encompassed all of these elements and established the BODYFLY brand.

Dr Rhee’s medical practice is located in New York, giving her ready access to some of the best fashion, activewear, and technical designers in the US. Through expert referrals she gathered a team that set about developing and engineering a capsule line for the introduction of BodyFly to the market. As a medical doctor and an avid consumer of fashion herself, Dr. Rhee insisted that the performance benefits and shape-enhancing elements of each garment in the line also be fashion-forward, aesthetically elevated, and ultimately essential to the women that she has created BODYFLY for.