Compression & Shapewear Innovation


Professional Athletes, Physicians, and Physical Therapists have been utilizing the enhancing and restorative elements of compressive sports garments for years. BODYFLY is happy to be harnessing these benefits and offering it to our customers as a fashion forward activewear brand. We endeavor to embrace and support you- wherever you are at in your fitness journey. Everyday.

Compressive garments offer more benefits than you may know. Let us give you the quick list:

  • Increased muscle oxygenation
  • Reduced post-workout soreness
  • Reduced inflammation and lactic acid build up

And....FEELS GOOD during your workout regimen, or your every day play or busy lifestyle demands.

We know you are on-the-move!


BODYFLY works FOR YOU as soon as you put us on your body. How?

We have painstakingly engineered an essential activewear wardrobe that targets specific “problem” areas of the body with the instant enhancement of traditional shape-wear. Not only do most of our styles shape and smooth you, you also get the benefit of enhanced circulation, reduced soreness, and therefore a longer workout stamina.

We accomplish this by using high compression fabrics from the best European mills, endless rounds of fittings, strategic seam lines, and by inserting panels of power-mesh lining into specific zones of certain garments. These design elements provide a level of surface pressure that carries you through your day, unlike a “no-performance” activewear garment.